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Credo Management caretake a wide range of general estate areas for various clients.  Whether it be a private ground, formal gardens, unadopted roadways, parklands or play areas, we have the expertise to deliver cost-effective high-quality estate management and maintenance services.


Credo Management has the experience and expertise to handle a wide range of estate management requirements, whether it be the health and safety implications of children’s play areas or open water, protecting endangered wildlife, maintaining complex sustainable drainage, or simply grounds maintenance or operating a carpark.


Whether existing or at planning stage, wherever there is a requirement to manage public open spaces and facilities, Credo Management have it covered.


COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Credo Management delivers a professional commercial property management service tocomplement our core residential management activities and we excel at managing mixed-use developments where residential and commercial customers occupy spaces next to each other.   The management of mixed-use developments can be challenging and requires a delicate balance to be found between the differing needs of residents and businesses.  Credo Management have mastered this art over the years and have several success stories and recommendations from both commercial and residential customers that now live side by side in harmony.   In addition to our mixed-use schemes, Credo Management offer ....
APARTMENT BLOCK MANAGEMENT - The block management of apartments and commercial buildings has been our core specialism for several years, from small conversions to modern developments totaling many hundreds of units, our portfolio of apartment blocks is one of the most diverse in the country; encompassing: complex city Centre developments, mixed tenure blocks, listed buildings and arcades or plazas.   With such a diverse portfolio and several years of service delivery, we have the expertise and experience to deliver block management services to the most unusual and demanding of developments alongside those with more standard requirements.  We take great pride in every block that we manage and expect high stan ....

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